Japanese White-eye

Japanese White-eye

Distinctive white eye ring.


A small wild bird with a yellow-green body and a white eye ring. The belly is white to gray. The flight feathers darken toward the tip, and the legs and beak are lead-colored.


Call "Chi-chi" in a small voice. The cry of the white-eye is thin and small, although it sometimes sounds similar to the cry of the greenfinch. Even though you can't see it, it sometimes chirps in the branches of trees.

Origin of the name of the white-eye

The white-eye, which is characterized by the eye ring around its eyes, is given a similar name overseas. It is called "White-eye" in English and "Embroidery bird" in Chinese.

Picture of Japanese White-eye


It lives in broad-leaved forests from mountains to plains, but can also be seen in parks and residential areas. They eat anything, including fruit and flower nectar. In spring, they come to seek nectar from freshly blooming flowers. They live in pairs throughout the year and move through the trees in pairs.

They mostly live in trees, but the white-eye in the Ogasawara Islands seemed to come down to the ground relatively easily.


Persimmon tree

I took a picture of a Japanese white-eye picking at a persimmon at a park in Hachioji City. They came in pairs and ate plenty of ripe persimmons.In winter, the branches of trees become sparse, making it easier to observe white-eyes. When I was a child, I used to stick mandarin oranges in the branches of trees in my garden every winter and look forward to the arrival of white-eyes.

Foraging with a few birds

Several birds gathered to eat nuts in a park in Hachioji City. They were quarreling a little over the truth.


The video of the white-eye.

They were arguing a little.


Introducing a picture of Japanese White-eye.

Picture of Japanese White-eye1|Yellow-green with white eye ring.
Yellow-green with white eye ring.
Picture of Japanese White-eye2|Chichijima white-eye that has fallen to the ground.
Chichijima white-eye that has fallen to the ground.
Picture of Japanese White-eye3|Free to turn upside down.
Free to turn upside down.
Picture of Japanese White-eye4|Picking persimmon nuts.
Picking persimmon nuts.
Picture of Japanese White-eye5|It was curled up.
It was curled up.
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