A black wagtail from the head to the back. It's very similar to White Wagtail, but you can tell by the color under your eyes.Japanese Wagtails are black under the eyes all over the cheeks, while White Wagtails are black only under the eyes and white cheeks. For this reason, it is possible to distinguish the "total blackness" at first glance.
It's often near rivers, screaming along the waterfront and waving its tail up and down.

Picture of Japanese Wagtail


It lives mainly in watersides and searches for food in riverbanks and shallow waters. Acts as a single bird, or as a pair, and threatens when another wagtail enters the territory. Nests are formed on riverbanks and breed twice a year. Crow in various voices while walking in the river. The trajectory of the flight is also characteristic, and once it flaps and gains propulsive force, it becomes thin and inertial for a while.


Taken in the shallow water of Asakawa River, Hachioji city. We often see it along the Asakawa River. It sounds good with a loud voice and jumps up to about 10 meters. Sometimes males open their wings and squeal while courting females. It doesn't scare humans so much, and it can even reach in front of the eyes sitting on the riverbank.