A bird that has been popular in Japan for a long time, it also appears in classical literature. In Kanji, write "水鳥(Water chicken)". The whole body is dark brown with black vertical stripes running on the back. The beak is long and the root is red. He is vigilant and hides in the grass near the water. It hardly flies and moves on foot. Therefore, the legs are thick and tough.

Picture of Water Rail


Inhabits watersides such as marshes and streams. It is mainly active at night and often lurks in the grass during the day. When there is no danger in the surroundings, it may come out in the sun even during the day. Eat insects and crustaceans. Nests are built in Ashihara and breed. Sometimes males feed females and court them.


I found it in Ochiai River, Higashikurume City, Tokyo. Many wild birds visited along the river in the daytime, but when I saw the less popular waterside, the water rail was coming out from the grass. When he noticed me, he hid in the shade of the grass, but when he put out only his neck and looked around, she slowly walked along the shore.