A bird of the family Finches with a characteristic crimson color from the throat to the cheeks of males. The head and tail are black, and the back is gray. The belly is lighter gray than the back, and the waist is white. The female is not crimson but light brown throughout. The beak is shiny black and powerful.


"Akauso"(P.p.rosacea), a subspecies of the bullfinch, comes to Japan as a winter bird. The feature is that the feathers on the belly are slightly mixed with crimson.


Eurasian Bullfinch's bark is high and goes well. It screams like a high whistle called "Fee Fee". It becomes a more complicated melody during the breeding season.

Picture of Eurasian Bullfinch


It is found in forests from mountains to flatlands. It breeds in mountainous coniferous forests in summer and comes to lowlands in winter. Eats plant seeds, nuts and shoots. Sometimes it also eats insects.


In March, I took a picture of a cherry tree along the river.It was screaming "Fee" in a loud voice, and when I was observing it, it came down to the lower branch. The feathers on the belly also seemed to be slightly crimson. There were a lot of half-eaten sprouts on the beak.